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18 definitions by steve freund

To be deathly afraid to go in the water for fear of being attacked by piranhas.
"A woman should never enter the river when menstruating, as this may attract piranhas. This is why so many women are totally piranhanoid."
by steve freund March 18, 2008
A touchy-feely chick who hangs around with musicians.
That chick sure loves our band, but she's always trying to touch me and feel me up. She's a real gropie.
by steve freund December 30, 2007
An accident of the largest proportion.
"Man, that car sure was in an accident. Totally wrecked."
"Dude, that was a maxident!."
by steve freund September 26, 2007
A fit of anger displayed by a drummer or percussionist.
Man, don't tell the drummer his time is off. If you do, he'll throw a tempo tantrum.
by steve freund October 19, 2007
A violent episode or tantrum experienced by a performing artist.
"Did you see that guitarist go off on the drummer? That was a classic example of stage rage".
by steve freund March 15, 2008
Someone who habitually deletes anything they can, automatically.
"Hey, did you get me last email"?
"Nah dude, it went right into the trash folder. Don't you know I am a deletist?".
by steve freund September 21, 2007
Fragrant body oil for hippie dogs.
That poodle reminds me of the 60's. Must be her pachowli oil.
by steve freund October 20, 2007