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673 definitions by steve

an afro- american girl with a ass-matic ass
this black girl in my class has a major donkey booty
by steve February 24, 2005
another name for my good friend "beer"
I'm quite parched and could use another barley pop.
by Steve January 03, 2004
Legendary and amazing vehicles (see Nissan) Made up until the 80's.

Most renowned datsuns include Zcars and Datsun 510's, Zcars from 68 to 78 most specifically (240, 260, 280z, 280zx) and the Datsun 510 from '68 to 73, in 2 door, 4 door, and 5 door stationwagon.

Datsun 510 definition would include a small, boxy economy car that with little money, effort and creativity, can whip almost every street-rod honda for about the price of a carbon fiber rear wing.

Zcars came with 6cylinder motors almost identical in nature to the 510's 4 cylinder 1.6L engine.

Fivetens (510's) came with fully independent suspensions and front disc brakes, rear wheel drive, and are a common car for auto crossing and road racing.
Umm.. dude, you just got beat by a 30 year old Datsun and um... yeah...

Old Farts in Wagons Rocks!
Datsun. Sure beats whatever 2nd!
by Steve January 25, 2005
A band that formed in the early 80's, and pretty much started the whole 'grunge' sound before the rest of them came along from Seattle. The split-up officially about 1999, but the lead singer/guitarist, J Mascis now has another band J Mascis + the Fog. All of Dino Jr's albums were pretty good, of cousre some were weaker than others (all of them weaker than 'You're Living All Over Me') but they were all solid albums.
Dinosaur Jr are/were one of the best underground bands of all-time.
by Steve January 11, 2005
pissed off, anoyyed etc
im fucking vexed
by steve November 05, 2003
pervert, perverted person
she is so byuntae......look at her smile
by steve February 18, 2005
An individual who seems to suffer from heart attacks every time he is on stage. Very vocal on his views of the Clinton scandal and how he wanted to eat his head from the inside out. Loves IHOP, his health spa, and can't figure out why someone would say "If it wasn't for my horse I wouldn't have spent that year in college."
by Steve September 25, 2003