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1) The act of killing yourself to provide motivation to others.

2) A cowardly and sneaky act of violence against an unsuspecting target. This ideology is brought on mostly the wife beating pedophiles in the religion of peace i.e. Islam.
Guy 1: Those Sept 11th hijackers claim they were martyr's and expected 99 virgins at the pearlly gates.
Guy 2: What vigin would want to be with a mass killer? Why 99... in Heaven? Stupid ass mofos.
by Steve January 13, 2005
Internet Whore (N.)
1- One who excessively updates their live journal, has a profile full of ridiculously colorful text (and song lyrics), and has most importantly, a myspace where they are often found tYpInG and (usually) acting retardedly.
"mY nAmE iS seXii Mike nd meh Hobiez includez:
Moonlight Strolls
Fresh German Chocolates
Dancing to the 'flashdance' soundtrack!
O, LoL and im Allergic to Peanutz!!!
OmG iLLy!!! I LUB J00!!":-D
by steve March 08, 2005
An adovocate for LSD. His famous saying was "Turn on, tune in, and drop out." He was also Wynona Rider's godfather and the Moody Blues wrote a song about him called Legend Of A Mind.
That Timothy Leary was sure crazy
by Steve January 15, 2005
Short for "Copenhagen" chewing tabacco?
Lets dip some cope today.
by steve February 22, 2005
means you can buy me things, put up with my bullshit, but you ain't getting laid.
Oh Steve, I just think of you as a friend, not someone I'd fuck or want to see naked.
by steve May 28, 2004
To ejaculate in your pants.
Little Jimmy "creamed his jeans" when the cheerleading squad did their splits.
by Steve July 22, 2003
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