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To scrape your rims on the curb when parking. These scars mark you as an urban driver.
"I got a little curb rash pulling into that space. No biggie. It's not like it rolls any slower."
by Steve Capstick June 26, 2006
To make eye contact with the driver in the lane you are attempting to merge with.
"You have to let the person in if you make an eye contract."
by Steve Capstick June 26, 2006
A skilled driver who takes space at will from other drivers on the road. A rogue commander of the asphalt high seas.
"I know exactly how to position myself against a lane pirate. Aargh."
by Steve Capstick June 27, 2006
An object, usually a rock, that hits the front of your car. As these projectiles are usually unavoidable, any scratch or dent they may make must be accepted as a scar of city driving.
"That dump truck was dropping major asphalteroids."
by Steve Capstick June 26, 2006
People who get in their parked car and then sit in it for a long time before leaving.
“Sorry I’m late. I found a space but I had to wait like 7 minutes for this spot sloth to actually pull out.”
by Steve Capstick June 27, 2006
When a passenger jumps out of your car to stand in a parking space that has opened up behind or across the street while you pull the car around.
"We thought we would never find a spot but Matt got us a rockstar paratroop park right out front for me."
by Steve Capstick June 27, 2006
To use shadows cast on buildings outside your office window to calculate when it’s time to put money in your meter.
“When that shadow crosses that window, through sun dialing, I'll know that I gotta go feed the meter.”
by Steve Capstick June 27, 2006
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