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not to be confused with a sand dune, a sand coon is something no holiday maker wants nearby when they're eating. it's enough to put you off your chips oh yes it is
we went to some arab country on holiday but there were too many sand coons so we came home
by stephenjolly February 15, 2008
a porn star famous for the movies 'from russia with muff' and 'dude where's my muff'

also created muffsicle ice creams, an ice cream covered in pubes that women can be made to eat in these films

made the series 'pimp my muff', which was unfortunately cancelled due to muff related issues
oh look luke dalton! let's ask him how the muff is
by stephenjolly February 20, 2008
a code word that clever white people use so that stupid foreign people don't realise they're being insulted. or if they do it doesn't matter anyway cos they're foreign
oi gaisford!


nothing (teehee you called him a gaisford)
by stephenjolly February 20, 2008
the same old strand from norwich, just now they are called 'new era' and so can spray 'NES' all over town like little cunts

'we actually got the balls to punch someone in the face the other day. let's make a gang called the new era strand'
by stephenjolly December 11, 2007
a racist insult that is not widely used, similair to nigger
watch out there's a gaisford on the bus
by stephenjolly February 20, 2008
pussies pussies wat a bunch of pussies. a gang of penises in norwich
we're the strand, and we are pussies
by stephenjolly February 20, 2008

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