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A common term used to describe fire engines, when using a Cornish accent. I love the Cornish. Anyhoo, this is also a way to taste the drunkness of a friend, by seeing how many 'gin' sounds are added on the end.
Stan: Are you drunk, Jimmy?
Jimmy: I don't know.
Stan: Say 'foire engin'.
Jimmy: Foire engin-gin-gin-gin-gin-gin-gin.
Stan: Drunk fool.
by Stephen W. Thomas May 06, 2005
The large 'dignified' group that fit in between the alternative groups such as punk, emo and indie, and the chav groups. Alteranchavs are easily identified by their high street clothes (New Look, Topman and River Island) and the fact that they always sit near the chavs at school, in hope of being 'promoted'. This is not to say that they know they want to be chavs, it is all a deep psychological need. If you need to identify an alternachav in a hurry, just ask them who The Shins are. Or shout out 'The chavs need a new cronie!' at the top of your voice.
Emo: Hey, heard The Shins new album?
Alternachav: Yeah, totally.
Emo: Ha! They don't have a new album!
Alternachav: LikeshutupIdontknownuffinaboutnuffin
by Stephen W. Thomas February 22, 2005
A word, meaning terrible, but helpful to cheer up the situation.
'Your mother's death was terribibble!'
by Stephen W. Thomas May 12, 2005
A wet spud. Useful for throwing.
A threw a splud at Stan's head yesterday, it squelched.'
by Stephen W. Thomas May 09, 2005
1) A pincered vegetable.
2) A crab salad.
1) 'I wish I was a crabbage,
I'd play the whole day long,
And although I would have no legs
I'd live inside a thong.'
2) 'One crabbage please, but hold back on the crab. And the salad.
by Stephen W. Thomas May 09, 2005
The collective counties of West and East Sussex.
"I went down to Brightonshire the other day. Twas sunny like the windfart.
by Stephen W. Thomas May 09, 2005
A movement of music that is both new and acoustic. See Keane, Coldplay, Travis, David Gray and Damien Rice, amongst others.
'This band is of the new acoustic movement'
by Stephen W. Thomas February 22, 2005

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