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a violent sexual position developed by the ancient satanic occult "Gelaisazore; former leader Father Josh St. Gelais." Like the name "wound sex," the user will find or created a wound; this is generally done with a knife. Once this is done they will then insert there penis into the bloody hole. They will then begin to indugle themselves in a sexual rage, inserting and removing there penis repeatedly. As this process continues the wound will gradually grow in size; often another member will join in to fill in the space. This act is considerably messy and the wound is guaranteed to pick up infection; following the "wound sex."
Corey - shit i cut up my arm real bad

Rob - well... we might as well put it to good use then

Corey - ya i geuss i could go for some wound sex, call up the boys, this one's gonna be a bleeder!
#rape #sex #blood #wound #knife
by stephen the anus man June 01, 2006
A bum bubble generally occurs when you're about to fart; as the gass being released is about to exit your anus, a bubble is created. When the bubble remains in your anus, and fails to be pushed out, it is known as a bum bubble; however, it can sometimes be mistaken for a sweaty anus.
stephen - whats up josh st. G, you look kinda funny

josh st. g - ya i've had this bum bubble stuck in my anus for hours and it's starting to really chafe, i even saw a little bit of blood squirt out, i'm hoping when i shit it'll pop

stephen - those sick bum bubbles
#gassy ass #butt bomb #anus hanus #moldy cheese #forgotten clot
by Stephen the Anus Man May 25, 2006
a charm used by Harry Potter; created by the Half Blooded Prince that forces an unaware victum to immediately drop there pants and start givin'er relentlessly, despite the victims suroundings, also can be used on self for a quick and easy jerk
Harry potter became quite angry with malfoy and pointing his wand shouting, "abra ka jerkium!" Immediately malfoys pants dropped, he began to jerk is "wand" quite rapidly, the whole front row of the charms class got soaked by his creamy goodness. Herminny unfortunetly got pregant in the process due to malfoys magical jism, now Harry's even more pissed.
#jizz #jacking off #magic #creamy goodness #magical jizz
by stephen the anus man May 31, 2006
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