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an asshole maneuver is an action performed by an asshole (person) that directly affects a reciever of the action in a negative way.
Dan- "Shirley didn't even show up to her date with joe."
Mo- "Damn, what an asshole maneuver."
by stephan666 October 16, 2005
a bastardized version of the english word "rich" (money). The "eye" in "reyech" is pronounced as long "I".-Not "Rey'ech".
That girl must think shes a princess. She is frikkin reyech.
by Stephan666 September 15, 2005
1. a term used for "lighting up" a cigarette, cigar, or device used for smoking 2. an exclamation in agreement with a statement or fact
1."Why don't we bline (up) another joint?

2.Jon- "Math class sucks"
Casey- "Bline."
by Stephan666 August 29, 2005

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