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inet chat, short 4 tomorrow.
"so ill c u 2moz then ;);) nudge nudge"
by steph (nambar wan) May 22, 2003
adjective for a type of cheery careless oaf who bobs about the place.
"my dad came bumbling through the door"
by steph (nambar wan) May 22, 2003
a term used in chavy societies, when writing mentions on bus stops, they often write their initials havin a big one behind it, pointless and immature, i know, but nambar wan is how its often reffered to as
"pure GD is nambar wan and that ay? ha ha ha, hey pure bugger off ya wee laddies!"
by steph (nambar wan) May 22, 2003
text type fow low.
"hey ur actin lo 2day, wots up?"
by steph (nambar wan) May 22, 2003

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