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what you do when you want to waste time before studying (procrastinate by masturbating)
"man i love procasturbating"
by steen tee April 18, 2003
1)a high level of lariousism

2)something hilarious whilst high in a altered state of consciousness
"that was highlarious"
by steen tee April 17, 2003
the act of mackin it with someone then leaving straight after
'i didnt wanna wait around for repercussions so i did a pash n dash'
by steen tee September 30, 2003
adverb. highlariously
adj.1) a high level of lariousism
2) something that is hilarious whilst high in an altered state of consciousness
"why, that was simply highlarious"
by steen tee April 17, 2003
the female genitalia
"have you been pushed into the veegee bush?"
"have you been baking the veegee cake?"
"have you been reigning on the veegee's parade?"
by steen tee April 17, 2003
a small indian girl who got drunk for the first time and ended up with no pants on, fingering herself and pissing whilst swaying slowly to the music
"man i got so wasted on the weekend, but atleast i didnt do a duboi"
by steen tee October 10, 2003
a lanky creature with nine toes
famous for sightings of extra long bus' and riding moving jettys
look, theres sten. but wheres her arse?
by steen tee September 02, 2003

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