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Slang for your typical uneducated stoner who thinks he knows more than he actually does.
1. Whoa, how is Dustin failing Psychology?
2. He's such a Gogolin. He comes in high and fails all his tests.
by steely June 27, 2012
One who politely enquires passers by as to whether or not they have any spare change available for use on public transport.
"Scuse me wor kid, can y help iz oot"?

Wor lass is pregnant an a haven't got enuff money t get yem. Can y borrer is thorty seven pence for the metty pleeze"?
by Steely January 16, 2004
If u are a pimp then u have the best job in the world.
snoop dogg and magic don juan. not 50 cent he is becomin 1.
by Steely November 13, 2003
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