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Another name for Budweiser, because it tastes like water. Ales are way better because they actually have a taste, and you don't have to drink nearly as many.
Guy 1: Hey, you got any Steelhead Extra Pale Ale

Guy 2: No, I only got Budwater
by Steelheader July 31, 2008
A town in California its' name is an acronym for usually kickin' it at home
My cousin lives in ukiah
by steelheader March 15, 2008
A law enforcement officer who arrests Asians.
Oh no it's da game warden
by steelheader March 27, 2008
an outboard boat motor made by Mercury. When attached to your boat, it will be capable of hypersonic speeds.
Guy 1: ' you wanna take the boat out this weekend, I got the new optimax.
Guy 2: hell ya, I wanna go fast.
by steelheader March 10, 2008
Verb. To go bass fishing
Guy 1: You wanna go bassin' this weekend?
Guy 2: Totally dudester
by steelheader March 26, 2008
Anything you steal from work because you need it at home. You tell your boss that you gave it to a crew member as a Safety Award.
Check out this new knife I got from work as a Safety Award.
by Steelheader December 09, 2008
In the hunting world, the time when legal shooting may commence. Usually one half before sunrise.
There was a Game Warden at my hunting spot, so I had to call and wake up my Dad to verify shoot time.
by steelheader March 26, 2008

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