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its like florida, but more beautiful and with less old people; a tropical paradise with kind people (although native hawaiians are a minority in their own land), beautiful scenary (oceans/rainforests/volcanoes), and great weather
Go to Hawaii if you wanna be in heaven
by StatesDude April 03, 2004
mountain, ice cream, winding roads, moose, and pure beauty. a truely nice, but way too rural state
look at the great Vermont sceneary
by StatesDude March 31, 2004
a state with good scenary and wierd people; has many spectatcular views in the rockies and the famous salt flats of bonneville; most of the people live in a compact corridor between odgen-salt lake-provo. now the people- the most conservative in the country: basketball obsessed, skiing mormons
utah has nice moutains and crazy mormons.
by StatesDude April 03, 2004
a fun, beautiul litte state that everyone forgets the hell about; filled with little island, ethnics (unlike the WASPs in the rest of New England), crazy basketball fans, and good eats
rhode island could destroy massachusetts anyday
by StatesDude March 31, 2004
about 7/8 of the state is desert wasteland; almost the entire population of the state lives in urban vegas, reno-sparks, or along lake tahoe; nevada is famous for legalized gambling, legalized prositution, corrupt politicians, and mexican migrant workers
nevada is a good place to get a quickie from whore and blow all your fuckin' money on blackjack.
by StatesDude April 03, 2004
topographically, the state is half in the midwest and half in the great plains; the most southern part of the state is in the ozarks and is home of are those shows in Branson; the western part of the state has KC and a lot of flat land and farmers, while the eastern part has St. Louis, good blues music, and rolling hills
Missouri looks like Illinois on 1 side and like Nebraska on the other.
by StatesDude April 01, 2004
like some others, its 2 states in 1. the west is like pennsylvania or new york, with the big baltimore/dc urban area; the east is filled with corn fields and is more like a hickish southern region; the oasis in the east is ocean city, which is like the jersey shoreline, not hickish like virginia beach; maryland's chesapeake bay is the world's diritiest waterway
baltimore maryland and the maryland eastern shore are like 2 different states
by StatesDude March 31, 2004
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