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The act of managing a group of high tech workers for the express purpose of finding cause to fire them so the department can be "off-shored" to India.
Favorite tactics include destroying loyal employees reputations while building moral events around activities that divide the group.
Willis is trying to make sure she or her new hubby don't get fired by pushing dots and jerkin' chicken so that everyone else gets fired.
by Stan West September 10, 2004
1. A driver who brags about never having had an accident, but has caused many behind him by never thinking situationally about his or her driving.
2. Someone who never pulls completely up to the intersection or the car in front, but rather lags a car length or more behind and stops short or creeps, forcing other drivers to miss lights, block intersections or clog turn lanes because they can't get into position.
3. A jerk who speeds up if you try to pass in the left or right lane but is content to ride beside or just in front of you, usually swerving and failing to maintain speed or lane position because they are preoccupied with their cell phone, makeup or other personal device.
See also volvo and pennsylvania race yankee
1.Buffy bragged of how her beemer slices thru traffic unaware that she's put 3 cars in the ditch since she never looks in the mirror, just another cracked rear view.
2. willis sat back 3 car lengths from the intersection forcing the ambulance to pass on the wrong side of the road, what a cracked rear view.
3. The asshole in the sportage caused me to miss my exit since he'd never let me pass and kept slowing down so I couldn't get to the right lane. The state trooper who pulled him probably sighted him for a cracked rear view.
by Stan West October 19, 2004
Likes to be called "emmy". An amazingly stupid person who tries to work in a technical field.
Ass-imo's try to get by on looks or sexual favors in return for others doing their job.
A mean person to those who can't help them, obsequious and overly kind to those who they think can.
Emmy was pissed because the client expected her to solve the problem. She screamed as she slammed down the phone: idiot, idiot, idiot; e-d-i-o-t!
by Stan West March 22, 2005
A very Gay and annoying asian person who clears his throat a lot while trying to get you to do his work for him then complains to management that you aren't doing your job.
That Qui was over here shopping out his work again, we'll be in meetings with HR at the start of the week.
by Stan West August 20, 2004
Those "Special" people, who usually drive beamers and volvos and lexus and saabs that can do anyting they want in traffic.
They hold people up in the turn lanes and cause people to miss lights. They cause people to block intersections and miss turns because they never pull completely up to the intersections or or the car in front of them when waiting for the signal.
These people also seem to be completely oblivious to the frustration and angst they cause others while endangering those same others lives.
Bubba got rear-ended by a truck while waiting for a lane lag fag to clear the intersection. Had he not had to wait the extra 30 seconds for the LLF to pull up to the intersection he's have given the truck ample room to stop. The LLF wore an appauled look as he pulled off, thankful that he was not rear-ended by the apparent bad driver behind him. After all he just got his new volvo with his promotion to team moron at Microsoft.
by Stan West April 18, 2005
Contract workers hired for a technical position typically when a company is in the midst of downsizing or off-shoring its labor force. Called dash trash since to distinguish them from regular employees they are given an extra letter and a dash in front of their e-mail name.
t-puja just hung up on a customer, but what can you expect, she's just dash trash.
by Stan West October 02, 2004
A person, usually picked by the boss to ride herd over an otherwise productive team and tattle on any members that aren't chanting the party line and ready to slit their own throats for diversity.
They are champions of the "we" concept because they are too stupid to have any thoughts or vision on their own.
They follow management edicts to the letter no matter how stupid. They avoid confrontation and are quick to agree with anyone, but only to their face, they always rat you out to upper management.
In the dictionary under dim-witted user it says: "see them".
willis agreed with John when he told her the new management plan was never going to work, and outlined the problems. Later we found she was named microsoft team moron for ratting him out to upper management and getting him demoted, now no one on the team will discuss anything with her so she's recruited spies withing the team.
by Stan West April 21, 2005

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