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A bowel movement with the consistency of a chocolate Mister Softee ice cream cone.
It took nearly a whole roll of Charmin to address my booty batter in the restroom; must have been the clams casino and pesto.
by ssCape July 06, 2013
A large collection of police vehicles congregated in a relatively small area thereby impeding the flow of traffic.
Sorry I was late to work boss but there was a hogjam in front of the Krispy Kreme no doubt caused by the Hot Doughnuts Now sign being illuminated.
by ssCape July 06, 2013
Trait possessed by a person likely spawned from shallow gene pool whereby a standard 12" ruler may be placed between the eyes without touching either orb.
Whoa, that Rev. Jackson has ruler eyes. Any farther apart and he's a flounder.
by ssCape July 06, 2013
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