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Someone who does the content maintenance for a web site that could technically be performed by a monkey with a typewriter -- the HTML work nobody wants to do, usually entry-level, dues-paying work in the web world.
But... Joe's the HTML Monkey! If you lay him off, who's going to do the content updates? None of the developers want to do it, it's beneath them!
by SS January 22, 2004
Refers to the city of Amsterdam.
-Where'd you go?
--Went to London, then hit the 'dam, jumped to Prague, then home..
by SS January 22, 2004
A Steinlager beer
Yo! Toss me a Steiny!
by SS January 22, 2004
Tha #1 hip hop community, forum, where we chillllllllllllllll! You fuck with us, we fuck with you!
To join, go to www.hiphopfoundry.com/forum, it's tight, mayne!
by SS December 20, 2004
Noun: marijuana, weed, grass

Verb: (To Lage) the act of smoking marijuana. The opposite of rage.

Adj/Adv: (Laged) the state of mind of being stoned
noun: Let's go smoke some lage.

verb: I laged earlier and am so hungry right now. I don't want to rage, I want to lage!

adj./adv.: That laged idiot forgot he had a pot of boiling water on the stove.
by SS February 29, 2004
Penis. Euphemistic term in honor of tight-end Zeke Mowatt, late of the New England Patiots and New York Giants, who famously shook his member at a female reporter, Lisa Olson, who had gained entrance to the Patriots' lockerroom in 1991. A media firestorm and sexual harassment lawsuit ensued and Zeke's place in lustmolch history was established.
Zeke's enormous mowatt was both a blessing and a curse--making him the idol of an entire generation of young men, but leaving him with an awkward gait and crippling child-support obligations.
by ss March 20, 2005
1. the circuit between your house and the telco, typically the biggest problem in getting a quality connection to the Internet.
2. the final leg of any journey
3. the final delivery mechanism for anything
this portal solution is the 'last mile' between our company's data and its employees
by SS January 22, 2004

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