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A stooge is a person who will try and take every dollar you have, and then save those dollars for any cause that doesnt involve giving it to friends, or family. These stooges are often in 'stooge denial'. You can spot a stooge, at events where free food is served. Stooges often attempt to think up of scams for scoring free money through friends and family. They travel in groups hoping to stooge more money, and can often be found in Mitsubishi Pajero's which run on Oil rather than petrol. They enjoy the taste of Bundaberg Rum and should be avoided where possible, unless prepared to give them money. Warning: some stooges walk among us everyday and have been trained in the art of stooging very well. so pay attention to all signs.
1. Ben didnt want to drive to the party because he is a stooge.
2. Ben stole a coca cola bike from woolworths which he said he was going to pay them $60 for. (what a stooge)
3. Ben got his Pajero rebuilt and it still goes through a litre of oil per 1000km's, thats what you get for being stooge.
4. Ben is dating a 16 year old because he is to stooge to put in effort for someone his own age.
5. Ben stooged me because i paid for lunch last time and he acts like he bought it.
by srt070 May 29, 2006
When your mate is chatting up a girl and he makes moves to the bar to buy her a drink, you make your moves on her and pick her up for yourself. This may not always work depending on the attraction between her and your mate. There is also the high risk that your mate will perform this act upon you when your positions are reversed. Snake fisting is a good way to get your mate angry and makes a fun game while pissed as a maggot. Avoiding being snake fisted may be hard as the girl may think your a stooge for not going to buy her a drink when in natural fact you know your mates are watching her waiting for the fist. snake fisting in sign language can be denoted as, holding your elbow with one arm, and the arm thats being held is up right, while holding a fist and moving it around like the head of a snake.
1. WTF waynos just snake fisted that dude.
2. Lets do some snake fisting tonight
3. I want to buy a drink but ALdawg is gonna snake fist me.
4. Snake fisting for the win.
by SRT070 June 22, 2007
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