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A Pussy that has not been penetrated in so long, it can be considered prehistoric. It is also possible that her clitoris might have fossilized.
James: "Tamy's kinda old, but fuckable, right?"

Shane: "Nah, she hasn't gotten any cock in so long, she probably has a Dinopussy by now."
by srjg June 19, 2009
A woman's ass that is so large that it creates it's own warp through time, worlds, and space. All kinds of matter get's engulfed never to be seen again in a Land of the Lost Ass.
Leanne's husband starts to cry while fucking her in the ass, he realizes that he has lost his cock forever, as it is now in the Land of The Lost Ass.
by srjg May 18, 2009
n. a girl having an enormously large ass that is not proportionate to her body. It's past the point where it is still hot.
"As Erin came down the hallway, I noticed her pretty face, nice breasts, skinny waist...then I realized she was a buttasaurusrex!"
by srjg April 20, 2009
Anyone who leaves the restroom and does not wash their hands after handling their manhood.
I made sure to use a paper towel to open the doors as I returned from the restroom. Richard Gutierrez, also known as cockhands, had not washed his hands once again.
by srjg March 30, 2010

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