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The sound a "whistler" makes when exiting the body.
"Phweeeeep"......(sniff, sniff)..."Oh, you're sick!"
by srd August 29, 2003
Loser, sits on computer all day with no real life ambitions. Cigarette smoking midget like creature from Colorado with a last name that sounds like Zebra.
Come on Annoying_brat dont be such a TomX
by srd April 07, 2004
An idiot from Alabama, who is "Bi-curious" but we all know just loves the man rod. Often lusting after Josh.
You act just like that moron Derfy, you southern hick.
by srd April 06, 2004
To be impaled, alright! But not necessarily by a knight. Any ol' buck with a huge dong can sword any willing (or unwilling) hole.
That man o' mine sworded me right in the pooper when I least expected it!
by srd August 29, 2003
Faggot who power trips on IRCtoo, worth less individual with no real value to society. A Loser. Commonly known as BobGay or Baubstae, Man who starts fires.
Don't be an egomaniac like BobStay
by srd April 07, 2004
A "tweeter" from the sphincter.
What a sweet smellin' whistler.
by srd August 29, 2003
A talentless DJ in Philadelphia. Not really named "ED" and not any ones cousin, Can't even spell cousin correctly. Bald headed and a midget. Basically a puppet for Infinity broadcasting. Claim to fame is he killed off Henry the Bull from Virginia.
You lack talent like that asshole Couzin Ed.
by srd April 07, 2004

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