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A complete nutter from the channel 4 series bo selecta. Obsessed with celebrities, he is always seen wearing a neck brace. With curly ginger hair he is always noticable.

An obsesive man , he keeps his dead mother in a wardrobe and his only friend ,ozzy , is likely to be deported very soon !!

He is also likely to be seen stalking any celbrity

Now he has his own chat show though , god knows why , it has ruined the series
If kylie minogue was my wife i would treat her with the love and respect she deserves , and then i would say to her " hey why dont you take off all your clothes, but leave your belt on , and then i will fucking ride you like sea biscuit "
by Squiz July 14, 2004
A term used to express hate towards the shit chef delia smith , now more commonly know as a comlpete wally on a popular Ipswich town football club website.
Usually a petrol station worker , they are known for adding ridiculous comments to other users threads. If this should occur just call him a mummys boy and a fight should follow

Approach carefully
I work in a petrol station
shut up mummys boy
by squiz July 13, 2004
Whack is american for shit
" they said my single , Soda Pop , was whack , which is american for shit "
by Squiz July 14, 2004
Home of the finest football club in england , ipswich town , Manager joe royle and david sheepshanks live here
Man, Portman road is one sweet place to watch Ipswich town
by Squiz July 14, 2004
Five Finger Death Punch, abbreviated 5FDP or FFDP, is a Hardcore Metal band, or Metalcore, from CA. Vocalist Ivan Moody from Denver, and Zoltan Bathory and Jason Hook deliver the technical guitar, and Matt Snell on bass and drummer Jeremy Spencer. They formed in 2005 touring with bands like Korn, Trivium, Slipknot, Lamb of God, and Disturbed. Their first album The Way of The Fist was a hit, getting them tons of airplay with their single The Bleeding, and their addtional singles Never Enough and Stranger Than Fiction. They have amassed a huge fan base and are one of the fastest growing bands today.
Five Finger Death Punch is a great band everyone can relate to.
by Squiz March 19, 2009
Stands for Killing Service, Inc. One of the top elite Halo 2 clans. Many branches include KSI Firewall, KSI Power, etcetera etcetera. Has strong competition with MLG.
Even though everyone who plays Halo says they hate KSI, they'd suck a dick or two to get in.
by Squiz May 16, 2006

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