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2 definitions by squinty-mcgee

1. The figurative erection that one gets when they see a new model of cell-phone that they want. This is usually accompanied feelings of pseudo-sexual arousal.

2. The literal 'bulge' that one gets in ones pants from carrying a cell phone in the front pocket of ones jeans. It was more prevalent 5 to 10 years ago because of the large heavy cell phones of the time.
1. Suzanne: "Oh my god that phone is sooo fucking hot.. I want it so bad!...
Mike: "Oh my fucking god, check out the phone boner on that bitch!"

2: Suzanne " Ok, see you later guys...(puts cell phone in front pocket)"
Mike: "Oh my fucking god, check out the phone-boner on that bitch!"
by squinty-mcgee November 19, 2007
a race of robots from the future that evolved from the Apple iPOD. These large iPOD shaped androids eventually enslave the human race and force them to do hard labour while whipping the humans with their huge white hi-fidelity earbuds...
"Get to work, humans..", said the iPOD overlord.
by squinty-mcgee November 19, 2007