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1. A pain in the ass, something that is extremely irritating or difficult to deal with, along with also being stupid, or dumb.

2. Being not amused by someones actions or an event that occurred.

3. To be literally smacked by Satan.
Example 1: I just went to the DMV the other day, and it was totally unbenessed.

Example 2: My friend is being unbenessed about me texting my girlfriend when I am around him.

Example 3: The fair was completely unbenessed today...
by Squidster June 08, 2013
Possibly the best person you can hang out with. Though people will deny it, they will always be thinking about him/her. A unique, humorous, and an awesome person, that likes to have fun.
you have to hang out with Emily! she is such a squidster!
by squidster March 16, 2008
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