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the proverbial "rocker" from which, one who's flown the coo coo's nest, has fallen.
If he thinks you're like "off the rocker" nuts, then no, he's not gonna call you back.
by squeezy esq July 13, 2010
a person who treats others as pawns, manipulates their minds and plays with their emotions.
Ryan is an emotional rapist, he likes to prey on insecure young girls, will f%ck you and then also f%ck you up and over, later.
by squeezy esq July 13, 2010
directions to the general location of your home but with very specific descriptions of surrounding landmarks.
Jon gave Squeezy his quasi address:

by roosevelt
a block down
the crash pad
by squeezy esq July 16, 2010
LMAO Tourette's is defined as part of a spectrum of tic disorders, most notably chronic tics. LMAO Tourettes is most often associated with the exclamation of LMAO, LMFAO, LOL, LOLZ when that response is not warranted; socially inappropriate; or a retort to derogatory remarks; or simply for the lack of a better response.
Girl: Why'd you decline my pic? wtf?
Girl: But, I'm not laughing
Girl: It was of my dead cat
Girl: you have f*ckin LMAO Tourettes or what? nouveau douche!
by squeezy esq July 06, 2010
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