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A person with a little bit of money who thinks that their small bankroll gives them the right to discard manners and class. Literally, "the new douche."
PERSON 1: Check out that ass-hat in the "stunna shades" arguing with the hotel manager because they won't give him a free upgrade to a penthouse on a sold-out night.
PERSON 2: He won't even take off his shades to argue with the guy!
PERSON 1: It's probably to protect his eyes from all the cubic zirconium he's wearing to look like "ice."
PERSON 2: Welcome to the nouveau douche.
by heavyweightboxer May 30, 2010
1. An ignorant man or woman who learns to fly-fish, brew their own beer, and perform other acts not for themselves, but for the approval of others.
"Awww man, did he take up flyfishing? Yeah man, he just grew out a gnarly beard and started to fly-fish. What a Nouveau Douche."
by willygski October 06, 2013

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