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The guy on the nickel
The guy who "wrote" the Declaration of Independence (he only put words on paper)
The 3rd president of the US
The guy that had an affair with Sally Hemmings
The guy who was "best buddies" with John Adams, but then had disagreements with him about political issues, causing them to split apart and not talk to each other for 12 years.
The guy who died exactly 50 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence (7/4/1826), same day as John Adams (coincidence much?)
TJ gave Napoleon money to fund his war against Europe.
by squee1 August 15, 2005
the damned drug that the british sold to the chinese. caused mass addiction and dependence.

opium war of the mid-19th century
don't be smokin opium. it's bad for you.
by squee1 August 15, 2005
foreign policy of the US throughout most of its existence, especially in the early 20th century.

simply put: don't meddle with foreign countries

related: washington's farewell address, monroe doctrine, etc.
isolationism > imperialism
by squee1 August 15, 2005
One of the founding fathers of the country.

-secretary of treasury
-whiskey rebellion
-the capital of the country was moved so Madison would support Hamilton's financial plan (under-the-table deal)
-he was an enemy of john adams, aaron burr, james madison, etc.

Hamilton shot first in the duel, but missed because he was planning not to hit Burr. Burr shot Hamilton in the rib area, however, he was probably planning not to hit Hamilton. He died the next day.
Hamilton got pwned by Burr in that duel omg.
by squee1 August 15, 2005
Teh dude that shot Lincoln dead in a theather in 1865.
I know this guy's great-great-grandson, Patrick Booth.
by squee1 August 15, 2005
The guy on the dollar bill and the quarter

One of the founding fathers of the US.
Commander of the Continental Army.
First President of the US.
Served 2 terms, ending in 1796.
Left John Adams (second president) with lots of problems to solve.
His Farewell Address told the nation to stay out of European Affairs.
George Washington doesn't write his own speeches and failed spelling (that is, if they even have spelling as a subject in school back then, but nevertheless, it's true.)
by squee1 August 15, 2005

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