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The plot by corn farmers and the FDA to take over the world through the growth of corn and the manufacturing of high fructose corn syrup. These greedy bastards are soaking up our youth in obesity caused by their unhealthy food products. They also feed the corn to the animals that are mass produced that we ever so blindly eat. Eventually, there will be no healthy food and the corn will rule us all. The food system is taking over... be fat or die.
by squatchwatch November 28, 2011
Glory bag refers to a samich bag full of fucking goodness. A glory bag can be a variety of drugs, or even a samich. Glory bag could contain the following: weed, shrooms, coke, meth, molly, etc... A glory bag is the bag of all bags and is shown off to all of your friends. A person may even take a picture of the glory bag for reminiscing at a later date.
by squatchwatch November 28, 2011
Chodatiller refers to that kid in your class that smells like shit and has shitty fucking clothes; Any person that sucks really bad at life.
by squatchwatch November 28, 2011
A word used by people who like to label smoking weed and drinking at the same time. Usually people who use this word have little or no experience using either of these tools. This word used in the presence of people who are drunk and stoned will initiate an uncontrollable spell of laughter, and the drunk and stoned will then make fun of the these people that are calling them crossfaded for the rest of the night and probably week.
by squatchwatch November 28, 2011

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