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When a circumstance such as a forgotten deadline or apathetic apartment management causes you to need to roam the streets in search of a wi-fi signal to work on projects or assignments.
a) Fuck! I forgot that I needed to submit that rough draft by noon! I'm going to have to ditch class to sit outside the coffee shop with my computer being a wi-fi hobo.

b) If my apartment doesn't have the internet working by tomorrow, I'm going to choke a baby, or at least call my dad's lawyer and start a breach of contract suit. Until then, I'm stuck being a wi-fi hobo. :'-(
by squareforceone September 09, 2009
A coffee beverage styled after one that would cost $4.00 at Starbucks or a similar restaurant, but is made with concentrated instant coffee instead of espresso shots. Derived from the word 'crappy'. This beverage is usually consumed by cheap and/or busy college students.
Billy was getting drowsy trying to finish his o-chem, so he made himself a crappé between problem sets.
by squareforceone November 16, 2009
When your parents think that sending you text messages is an effective means of behavioral control. i.e. "Text" + "Lecturing".
1. Even if I make no mention of going out on Saturday night, my mom always tectures me on the dangers of date rape drugs and having sex with strangers around 9:00 p.m.

2. My dad was tecturing me earlier about how I should think before I mindlessly text people after reading some stuff that I had sent my mom while she was napping, and I responded by saying, "And this is why I never want to talk to you."

3. Advice Dog is so annoying when he tectures me about remembering to take my LSD every morning. It's a good idea that I never pay attention to people who tecture me.
by squareforceone September 27, 2009
Women who are attracted by shiny objects, namely obnoxiously garish jewelry.
- My grandmother is so sweet, but her home shopping network addiction makes her a bit of a crow.

- Those two sorority girls won't shut up about some basketball player's wife's "rock". What a bunch of fucking crows!!!
by squareforceone November 14, 2009

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