17 definitions by spyder

sister i'd like to fuck

(same concept as milf)
that silf lives in your house?!?
by Spyder January 05, 2003
1.A one-man security force, similar in meaning to law dog, but more on the fringe of the law. Zivics are known for daring feats of insanity in various environments.
2. A player.
(Noun): That Zivic just regulated on those guys.
(Verb): He Zivicked down that icy slope, what a madman!
(Verb 2.): Girl, don't get involved, he's a zivic.
by Spyder March 06, 2005
What white old women see black people as.
Hey you, poop dog. Get away from my ricer.
by SpydeR January 31, 2005
the land where the online game final fantasy 11 takes place.
Vana'diel is too big for my little tarutaru
by spyder March 22, 2004
SOuth FLorida Nugs. good pot.
You got any crypto to smoke bro, all I have is shwag?
by spyder December 03, 2002
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