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Before you have sex with the female, add a small microchip on your helmet ( penis end ). Deposit the chip inside the woman ( any hole ). Using a remote control you will be able to make the microchip vibrate and wiggle sending her into a coma of sexual orgasms. If she doesn't scream like she wants it whip her aggressively for 2 hours. Try this again and if she still doesn't scream chop her legs and arms off. Try it finally and if she doesn't screams cut her head off..
She didn't scream so I sliced and diced her into small pieces.
She liked the robotic Ragdoll alright, so she recommended it to friends
by spunkmobile November 13, 2010
The male moistens the nipples and the female coats them in sugar. If she refuses strap her down the force the sugar to the nipples. Once it has dried you should cum onto the nipples making them moist again the a final dip of sugar will top it all off. Finally the male seduct the woman so the nipples erect then he has the pleasure of licking the sweetness off.
My great grandma was in hospital and she was refusing drugs from the nurses. So i closed the curtain for grandma and gave her somw sweet revenge instead.
by Spunkmobile November 13, 2010
Cum in a glass, add some tomato ketchup, leave it in the fridge over night. And then pour it in the womans ear, and if she moves beat her.
My Grandpa and my grandma made me some Orange Marmalade and I used the next day so it was fresh.
by Spunkmobile November 13, 2010
A staillion is a massive penis
I shoved my stallion in her anus, and she bled.
by Spunkmobile November 13, 2010
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