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Reffering to an action or object;
1) To express retardedness.
2) To express lateness.

See tardiness
1) "You can never do anything right! You're just too tardy!"
2) "Explain why you are so tardy today!"
by spronkey November 30, 2003
n. Used to express:
1) Degree of retardedness
2) Degree of lateness
1) "Your tardiness is unbelievable!"
2) "Explain your tardiness!"
by spronkey November 30, 2003
"Elite-like" literally, however more commonly substituted for words such as "cool" "awesome" "groovy" "wicked" etc. Much better than 'l33t'
Woah! What a leety tank that is!
by spronkey August 28, 2003
Food type; specifically comes from fast food chain "McDonalds" - looks, tastes, feels and smells like plastic.
"New McPlastic burger! Buy today from McDonalds!"
by spronkey November 30, 2003
Anger-inducing or offensive speech, text, images or other communicative material.
"Mr. Fu was speaking grangrivel to me yesterday; he called me a hamburger rapist!"
by spronkey August 19, 2005
Adj. Used to describe an object that is done with likeness to SpRoNKeY (see www.spronkey.com) or in a way that SpRoNKeY would do (an action)
Ball Kicker: "Heh, what a retardedly spronkish kick that was! It hit the post!"

Doctor: "You'll need some spronkish medicine for this wound."
by spronkey November 30, 2003
Something which could only be performed by somebody performing the equivalent task in real life as "Hacking the Matrix"
Mr. Fu: "Omg! He killed me!"
Ms. Bar: "How haxxy! :S"
by spronkey November 30, 2003
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