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The pain or unpleasant feeling rich white men experience when women, minorities and poor people are allowed to have rights such as the right to vote.
The residents of Arizona had experienced enough suffrage and decided to ban Mexicans from their state.
#white people #minorities #women #voting #democracy #sufferage
by sporkfromkfc May 18, 2010
A potential or possible eventuality. Often used in an attempt to introduce uncertainty into a design process by designers not wishing to commit to a certain design pattern.

Plural: Potentialities.
Designer: Given the potentiality of the end solution veering significantly from the style guide, we shouldn't add more components and restrict our options down the road.


Designer: There is no way to design one solution for all potentialities.
#potential #eventuality #fud #design #jargonator
by sporkfromkfc August 23, 2013
To respond to a request to Google search for and/or locate something on the Internet for someone who is too lazy or insufficiently web savvy to do it themselves.
Bro: One of you Googlers out there find out if they're doing dude-lifts at Crossfit tonight.

Dude: I love dude-lifts!

*Googles tonight's Crossfit workout.*

Dude: Tonight's Crossfit is bro-pulls and dude-lifts for time!

Bro #2: You just got Flee'd!
#owned #pwned #ownt #n00b #servile lackey
by sporkfromkfc December 10, 2009
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