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new world latin america pan idenity or Latino for short, is an individual whose culture or blood is derived from the romance world, in other words of south european/iberian orgin. all latino counries share similar past, culture, iberian heritage, history, Independence, & influences..which are found to make these new world nations to be like brothers

latinos are a complex set of peoples of diverse origins, whose main origins are Europeans, Amerindians, Africans, and others in that order. However, the largest majorities are not "pure" peoples but mixed, in which the mestizo (Euro-native american mix) is the numerous majority in the Hispanic American world, while criollos (pure euro Iberians) are the 2nd largest population after, tri-racials and mullatos are quite numerous in the Caribbean, and the South Americans northern coasts too. However, in matter of identity, Latin Americans are nationalistic, and identify themselves more with the country they live than with abstract races and people from overseas.

for most Latin Americans and Latinos the concept of mestizaje (mixed)— the blending of two or more cultures to produce a third — is so fundamental a part of identity as to be "like breathing."

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Latino counties:

north america: Mexico

central america: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras,

south america: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela

caribbean: puerto rico, cuba, dominican republic
naomi: hi im the Argentinean exchange student..do u care to dance for this one party

adam: aren't u suppose to be dress sexy or and dance to samba, tango, or cumbia..like the rest of latinos

naomi: excuse me?
by spongeghjgj September 23, 2012
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