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An item in the world of YouTube Poop, it is ether Mama Luigi's favorite food, or a magic health item that he can summon at his command.
You know what they say in Broklen! YOU MUST DIE! Or, is it The Bagel?
by Splek October 10, 2008
There are two kinds to Editors;

1. The good kind of Editor who pays attention and takes alittle time out of their day to look and think about every new definition that comes along they're way. Usually doing 50~150 definitions in one sitting.

2. 10 year old n00blets who think they actually have a chance at being the law somewhere, and usually say "NO" and "I Don't Know" to every definition. These usually get bored of this within two weeks.
Guy1: I'm glad we have Editors! Sure it takes over a month for my deff to get through, but at least we have a filter!
Guy2: Are you on crack?

n00blet: lolololo i iz guna turn down all deez defs so pplz wil haz to bow down 2 me nd i wil bee teh new kind uf ub!1!! lolollloll

I am an Editor, I assure you I am NOT a n00blet! I do about 100 within one sitting, and read and think about every definition I pass before I answer whether it should be posted or not! Don't think that Urban Dictionary is going down the drain! Its not there yet!
by Splek November 02, 2008
Florida University.
What, you thought it only meant "Fuck You"? But it is a good way to fuck with people.

1: "F U!"

2: "WUT!?"

1: "Florida University? Duh"

2: "Wait, what?"
by Splek December 07, 2008
An item in the world of YouTube Poop. It is used to protect The King. Its powers are currently unknown, as it has made no appearances. Not to be mistaken with the Triforce of Wisdom.
I'll take the Triforce of Spaghetti to protect me! If you dont hear from me in a month, send Lotsa Spaghetti!
by Splek October 10, 2008
A mushroom monster in the game MapleStory, it has a blue spiky top, giving it the name "Horny Mushroom". Its name is isint as funny as Pianus however.
Mapler1: Dude I got killed trying to kill 20 Horny Mushrooms at once!

Mapler2: Thats not the only thing thats horny around here!

Mapler3: GIVE ME MONEY!!!!!!

Mapler4: noobs...
by Splek October 15, 2008

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