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noun; a word refferring to an imaginary god, addressing this god is used to find an excuse or condone a particular behaivoir, type of dress, or hairstyle.
In the animation Fruits Basket the character Ayame uses a story about Khandra to convince his teacher to let him wear his hair long,
"You see I come from a royal family from a country far away, where it a custom that all members of the royal family wear their hair long. It is said that during the fifth reign of Lord . . . he was visited by a divine prescence, it was Khandra, shimmering with lights of red and gold. Just then the prince Kasipaloo had been sleeping securely in his bed when he began to shout, MAH RUDI MUNIN!! . . ."
I cannot wear a traditional male's school uniform because,in my country of origin, during the dominion of the king Wasipaloo the children of the court came upon an erethreal prescence, it was Khandra . . ..
by spiralred June 21, 2004

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