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more generally; one of the hottest girls you know but can never have.
That girl is such a becka, I wish she'd notice me.
by spiffy March 21, 2005
Greatest movie/theater show ever made. The original play was thought up by the genius Richard O'Brien in 1973, and made into a kickass movie in 1978. Many casts across the world still perform this show today.
Music, dancing, men in leather and fishnets, dead sexy transvestites, and more addictive than crack...
by Spiffy March 10, 2003
It really happened.
I ate six Big Macs for lunch yesterday. True story.
by spiffy June 20, 2004
Another term for "cool", "awesome", or "unique"; Started by some crazy people in Nebraska.
"Let me tell you, that book was uber smelfy!"
"That urban dictionary site has the smelfiest definitions!"
by Spiffy March 30, 2004
to pet a chao when it cries
the chao is crying because i didnt petteded it
by Spiffy August 26, 2003
player/whore someone who likes ass sex!
i'll pimp slap ur hoe ass!
by spiffy December 07, 2003
Spiffy is the l337 Battlefield 1942 player who made up the name SPiFFY. Comes from New Zealand.
SPiFFY is l337 at bf1942 >.<!
by SPiFFY October 26, 2003
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