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Someone who has become an emo (most likely over night) to fit in with todays harsh society of sheep. It is common for this over-bred species to like a number of emo bands that all sound exactly the same, and to think of themselves as being much more hardcore than they actually are. They also have bad haircuts, bad attitudes, and pathetic scratches on various parts of their body. A TRyhard, REject, EMO.
1. Tremo: "Life is too hard, i'll slit my wrists and tell the world about it. While I'm at it I'll dye my hair black and pierce my lip."
Steph: "For the sake of all the normal people left in this world, lets roll this Tremo up in a carpet, make him cry (which wont be hard), and kick him off a bridge."

2. Cat sucks Tremo cock... and you love it.
by Speth January 15, 2006
A group which all stupid stock brokers are placed into, so they can float around in each others retardedness. After dealing with a retard factory, one generally feels frustrated and jipped, as their time slips through the hands of incompetent retards right in front of them.

A place where retards are manufactured; purely to make our lives colourful, and rage-filled.
Stupid broker: ":Sure, I will transfer you right away to the people you need to speak to.. provided you dont mind being screwed round for a few minutes talking to charity workers, margin lenders, atleast 3 different switchboard people, the easter bunny and some guy who doesnt know what a stock is :)"
Not-so-stupid broker: "IM SO SICK OF THIS RETARD FACTORY!" *stabs post-it note*
by speth January 24, 2008
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