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3 definitions by spencer samuelson

when you shit your pants and you sit down and your shit gets stuck to your boxers and later you go yo take your boxers off and your shit rips off all of your butt hairs
Jason)Dude i just shit my pants
Brenden)Dude your retarted next time dont drink that much
Jason)I'm afraid im gonnna get a butthole shit rip
Brenden)Just dont sit down
Spencer)Hahahaha!!!!Jason you are so stupid
by spencer samuelson November 13, 2005
when you shit your pants and you sit on your boxers and you take your boxers off later and it rips your butthole hairs off
i shit my pant and i went to take off my boxers and i got a butthole shit rip and it hurt a lot
by spencer samuelson November 09, 2005
when you eat a non-edible food and you cant crap it out and it gets stuck to the inside of your butt
o made yesterday i ate a bead and it became a butt nuget
by spencer samuelson November 08, 2005