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Literally how it's read. Twilight Buzzkill. A harsh slap in the face to bring a person back to reality, to get out of Twi-Land. Usually a person has to tell the Twihard to get a life you Twifuckup, and that usually does the trick. Sometimes the Twibuzzkiller is just a big A-Hole, though. I'm not taking sides, here.
Twihard: I wish I was a vampire! Golly!
Twibuzzkiller: Are you kidding? There are so many things wrong with the book! I mean, first off, If the Cullens are so keen to the scent of human blood, how can they go to school around girls on their periods? You are stupendously-
Twihard: Just shut up, OK!!! You're such a Twilight Buzzkill!
(stalks off and pretends to be a vampire.)
by Spatchmo June 30, 2009
You've probably never heard of it.

Like Pig Latin, Goose Latin is a generically juvenile code language that nobody can figure out. Here's how to speak it.

For example, you take the word: CITY. Separate the syllables.

CI-TY. Add these new syllables: LA-FI, or LI-FA, whatever sounds better, in between CI-TY, In that order. Thus, CILAFITY. (Pronounced: Sill-Uh-Fit-ee)
Thelafa calafat crolafossed thelefa streelafeet, andlafand thelen clilafimbed alafa treelafee. (The cat crossed the street, and then climbed a tree.)

Harrison: Dude, Goose Latin is for pussies.

Little Willy: GOOSE LATIN IS NOT FOR PUSSIES! IT"S COOL!!!! (Mumbling: 'Harlafarrison islafis alafa gaylafay asslafasshole.)
by Spatchmo July 23, 2009
To ask what kind of shit is going on here, like 'Hey, what's happening?' Except for 'happening' evolved from the lingo of drunk male friends trying to impress each other with smart comebacks, to crappenin'.
Jered: Oh, here comes Paul! (Groans)
Mike: He's such a wannabe boner!
Paul: Hey guys! What's crappenin'?
Jered: Get bent, Paul!
Paul: Squeeeeeeeee! (With tears pouring down face, runs out of the yard and cries like a woman in the men's restroom.)
by Spatchmo December 31, 2008
To have an insanely huge mouth, such as Steve Tyler, the lead singer of Aerosmith. Could also be called Steve Tyler Mouth Syndrome, for the unfortunate people who have to be as fugly as Steve Tyler.
Guy 1: Dude, when I was a kid, I went to an Aerosmith concert, and when Steve Tyler opened his mouth, you could see his effin' stomach, I swear to God.
Guy 2: Don't be insultin' Steve, man, you're just trying to take away from everyone's attention that you have Steve Tyler Mouth yourself, dickweed.
by Spatchmo December 28, 2008
The little pubes around your butthole.
Guy 1: Let us go and have our elissias waxed together!
Guy 2: Yippee!
by Spatchmo February 05, 2010
Captain Perversion can be defined into two definitions:

1) A very annoying person who invades everyone's space, usually is a little pissant with no friends. Or-
2)A person obsessed with the sexual anatomy. Usually get their asses handed to them on a regular basis.
Stan: Hey Stacy! while I was spying on you from your bathroom window last night after you took a shower, I took a whole bunch of pics of your naked boobs and mailed them to your house! I kept a couple for myself, of course, but anyway, will you talk to me now?

Stacy: Get the FUCK away from me! (runs off)

Paul: Good goin', Captain Perversion, you just creeped her out AND invaded her space at the same time. Way to go.

Stan: Fuck off, Paul.
by Spatchmo June 10, 2009
When a guy is talking to another person on the phone, and the guy hands the phone over to another person nearby, because he would rather have his friend be in an awkward situation with a person they don't even know then for the talker to just hang up the phone in the first place.
Jack: Hey Jill, my hotpockets just got done, can you talk to my friend for a sec?
Jill: Uhh-
Diddy P: Yo what's shakin', bacon?
Jill: ...
Diddy P: This is awkward, isn't it?
Jill: I've totally just been phoned over, haven't I?
Diddy P: Fo' shizzle, my nizzle.
by Spatchmo January 24, 2009
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