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Think of the shittiest place on earth, make it fucking cold, and the cops have nothing better to do than fuck with drunk teens.....
Soldotna fucking sucks
by Brice Miller September 24, 2004
A small town in Alaska as ugly as hell. The majority of the population have a meth lab in their basement. Soldotna has a horrible junior a hockey team called the brown bears. There is a Fred meyers there. Other than that there isn't much there.
Astronaut 1: what the hell is all of that shit spewing out of the earth?
Astronaut 2: Soldotna
by Ak7987 November 08, 2009
A bustling town on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. Known for its absolute devotion to Sarah Palin and cheesy tourism promotions. It is a nice place to visit, but if you stick around you'll probably want to commit an hero.
Tourist: "Soldotna is the king salmon capital of the world!"

Resident: "I dont give a fuck."
by Washington D. Jefferson August 27, 2009