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2 definitions by sparroww

A "ghetto" school in mississauga that is known for having a large majority of brown and asian kids because of the IB program, even though it is consider "ghetto" it actually has a lot of money because of government funding.

But when you take a look at the school you wonder where all the money went.
Pocock kid: You go to glenforest secondary school, arent they poor?
Glen kid: naw b, we can actually afford math text books. But I'm sure your school wouldnt know about that.
by sparroww September 28, 2011
When a hairy female decides to be aggressive and wear a strap on, so she can fuck a boy/girl in their anus. This is called bagel in the bush because the anus is the bagel and the hairy vagina.... well is the bush.
dude1: Why are you walking like that bro?
dude2: out of nowhere lexi decided to bagel in the bush me last night!
dude1: Yo, I get it. Sara did that to me last week, I couldn't walk for 3 days.
by sparroww October 01, 2011