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negative respoonse to a question, short for "no brother", or "naw bro", as if thereis an understanding between the conversants
Are you going to ask out that skinny red-headed girl?

Naw B.!
by platinumhussy April 21, 2005
Another form and expression of the word noob, newb, n00b, and newbie.
"OMFG, HeS no Pwnerer, thhats just a nawb~!!1x3"
by John Dykstra (^Why^) April 14, 2006
nawb is another word for noob, or any other form of that word. Word thought up by Leedle and Methmaster from RuneScape. In making fun of their clan leader, Jibs2ndpure, they called him Jawbs and made noob rhyme with it. Then they started saying nawb and started calling him "Jawbs2ndnawb" and stuff like that.
Haha, look at that nawb, he is almost as nawb as jawbs.
by daltonw October 07, 2006
Nawb: a noob or newb who is proud of being who and what they are, team MX come to mind
KING OF NOOBS:"com'on nawbs, lets go on online and have our noob fest'
ALL: "yay!"

by Ciaran Malone July 27, 2007
A noob that is proud of being what he or she is, a nawb openly states that he/she is a noob or mx come to mind
"nawb on nawb action guys?"
by Ciaran Malone July 28, 2007
1. New Age Wanky Bollocks
2. New Age Wanky Bullshit

First seen in comment on Facebook describing an article of really mish-mashed ideas about music, numbers, vibrations, planetary distances, etc.
A classic piece of NAWB (New Age Wanky Bollocks).
by FormerComposer December 17, 2015
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