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cannabis indica

aka: original blue cheese, cheese, chee, cheddar, pukka

Christmas tree shaped buds.The leaves are tiny and uniform and are covered with fine transparent crystals

Its name has a questionable source of origin. Most obviously the smell has a like cheddar cheese, although this is very questionable! Its potential to generate huge amounts of "money" aka "cheese", to the grower/seller in a samll amount of time due to how renound it is as a smokers most reliable smoke, always strong and tasty!

It’s the equivalent to having your head banged round the inside of a tin can before you settle down and go into cruise-control, usually non responsive, with highl tunes selective hearing.

A very powerful "skunk" that gives uncontrollable facial and reflex movements of nearly any muscle in the human body

"got any of that Cheese?"
"got any of that Cheese Weed?"

by sparos-king-of-the-trees September 10, 2008
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