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One who spends an excessive amount of money and time downloading electronic music on the beatport website.
Guy 1: Jonnie coming out tonight?
Guy 2: Nah, that Beatport junkie is downloading tunes...
by Sparko March 28, 2008
1. A community in Miami-Dade County, in the Miami-Fort. Lauderdale metro area. The latitude of Cutler Ridge is 25.580N. The longitude is -80.346W. It is in the Eastern Standard time zone. Elevation is 10 feet. The population, at the time of the 2000 census, was 24,781.
2. A term used to describe an extreme form of living in terms of debauchery.
3. To be as wasted as one can get.
4. To cause the biggest ruckus one can possibly cause.
5. When used with another word, it can accentuate it's meaning.
6. A term of endearment one says instead of hello and goodbye.
7. All definitions of "Ghetto".
8. An interchangeable word that can mean anything.
1. Taxi driver: Where to?
You: To Cutler Ridge

2. I drink a six pack a day and smoke an ounce of weed a week, I'm Cutler Ridge.

3. I just drank thirteen shots in an hour, and smoked a couple of joints, I'm feeling pretty Cutler Ridge.

4. It's 3AM, my stereo is as loud as possible, my lawn mower is on, I'm singing opera in the street while honking the horn to my car, and I'm firing my ak-47 into the air; I'm being Cutler Ridge

5. Instead of just saying, "yes", I will say, "Yeah, Cutler Ridge."

6. Jonnie: "Yo Ed, see you later, Cutler Ridge"
Ed: "Yeah, Cutler Ridge, man"

7. What?!? That's so Cutler Ridge!

8. I'm so Cutler Ridge today.
by Sparko March 28, 2008
The feeling in your head that comes when you take in smoke that immediately changes your state of mind. If you weren't high before the brain punch, you will be after. If you were high before the brain punch, afterwards you'll have turned into a temporary vegetable.
Right as the gravity bong's smoke entered my chest, I felt my brain crash into my skull. I immediately fell into the closet that was behind me and was asleep before i fully hit the floor. I got brain punched.
by Sparko March 29, 2008
1. Puerto Rican for "Your mom's cooch".
2. An expression of frustration or anger, like "me cago en diez".
1. You: Sabes que yo quiero?
Friend: Que?
You: La crica tu madre!
2. I scream "la crica tu madre" when I'm frustrated in traffic.
by Sparko March 28, 2008
Meri wa nate

1. To not only get high off of smoking weed, but to be completely engulfed by it's smoke for an extended period of time.
2. To hotbox.

1. Before going in to the theater, I'm going to marijuanate in my car.

2. Chicken gets marinaded, you might get marijuanated.
by Sparko March 28, 2008
Spanish words meaning:

1. To lick a vagina.
2. To be pussy whooped
3. An endearing term for a friend who would lick a vagina.
Pepito would not come out because his girlfriend, Guadalupe would not let him. You could call him a lambe chocha because he is at the mercy of the cooch.
by Sparko March 27, 2008
To be invited or supposedly welcomed, to participate or attend, in an event, party or show, which you ultimately get denied access to.
Ali ‘Dubfire’ Shriazinia, new Dark Lord Of Techno, and one half of the Grammy winning DJ/production duo Deep Dish, tried to get in @ The Fifth, a trendy club in South Beach, only to be denied entry. Dubfire apparently wasn't on "the list".
Dubfire was dubfired @ the door.
by Sparko March 28, 2008

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