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While golfing: On any hole tee-off, if your shot fails to pass the womens tee-off spot, the other players call DINK OUT! and you must pull out your dink and play the rest of that hole with your dong hanging out of your pants.
shit, that thing only went two feet!
by spanky December 18, 2003
when something reely peeny (see definition) happens to a person they are in a ruined state.
you toggled out on an ugly chick. soo ruined
by spanky May 25, 2003
The tip of the penis.
Often considered as a derogatory term.
Stop looking at me, you bellend.
by Spanky March 01, 2005
generally referring to facial complexion that resembles roadkill. Also known as the uni-sex face.
Darci's body is fine, but she needs a bag for her horrible case of mob face.
by Spanky December 05, 2004
A shrub
Two dipshit U.S. presidents
George H.W. Bush - a real fuck up
"Dubya" - the worst fuck up of all.
Bush family - should all burn in hell.
by Spanky November 01, 2003
Awesome band from Rochester.they are Paul,Dan,Brandon, and Nick.check them out @ www.thehoodies.com
spanky and spiff love the hoodies
by spanky October 12, 2003
amazing freestyler
i know you wannabe a swiatched when i comes to rap
by spanky September 25, 2003

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