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3 definitions by spac

United Kingdom:
A hash joint or
Cigerette (less common)
Give me a bifta.
I need a bifta.
by spac February 05, 2003
United Kingdom:
Polite version of "Dogs Bollocks" meaning very good.
This is the mutts nuts!
by spac February 05, 2003
Defn: A Filet o' Fish Sandwhich from McDonald's with a tall glass of Water

When a guy wants to take a girl out for a romantic sounding dinner in hopes of getting lucky, but doesn't want to spend more then $2.37. They take the missus for the Fish in the Sea Combo at McDonald's which consists of a filet o' fish sandwhich and a tall glass of water.
Ryan: "Let's celebrate our one year anniversary tonight with something special hunny. I'm taking you out for a Fish in the sea combo."

Elaine: "That sounds so romantic, I love you"

(As ryan opens the door to his garbage filled 1988 Pontiac Sunbird)
Ryan : "I like you too snookums. This will be a great celebration"
by SPac April 07, 2006