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Absolutely useless in every conceivable way; a complete idiot who is full of pretentious rhetoric. Usually someone in power
My boss is a durie - the man is useless
by spabath January 10, 2008
A word with all the fun connotations of a popsicle, but with none of the fun attributes. Fucksticles are people who are rude, obnoxious, arrogant and idiotic. They have no good qualities and they piss everybody off.

Fucksticles often have 'little man syndrome'
Smith is a fucksticle, he should really get over his height issues and Napoleon complex.
by spabath January 18, 2008
A shopping centre owned by the crashing company Centro populated with shops that don't suit the demographic. As a result, the bogan and loser clientele that populate the centre often come at odds with the shop-keepers, who are usually bad-tempered and often incompetent.
Meadow Mews is such a shithole - so glad I don't work there anymore.


I bet you hang out at Meadow Mews
by spabath January 10, 2008
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