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Communist Revolutionary and "Chairman" of the People's Republic of China from 1949-1976. Responsible for the deaths of anywhere between 20 to 80 million people, depending on who you talk to. Most of these deaths are attributed to "The Great Leap Forward", a economic plan that proved disastorous and led to a horrible famine. The crowd Mao surrounded himself, in particular his third wife, didn't help matters much.
Mao Tse-Tung has a huge wart under his lip.
by SovietViking November 14, 2003
Catgirl Ambassador for the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire in the anime Outlaw Star. Gene Starwind considers her a nusiance, Jim Hawking gets along with her, and "Twilight" Suzuka is harassed by her.
Aisha gets pissed off easily.
by SovietViking January 18, 2004
Powerful Indian people and empires that were wiped out by Spaniard-transmitted diseases. Were it not for this and the fact the Aztecs were not well-liked, Cortez and his 500 men would have easily had their asses handed to them by the Aztec empire of millions.
Cuauhtemoc was the last Aztec emperor, hung by the bastard Cortez.
by SovietViking January 18, 2004
Assassin in the anime Outlaw Star who kills by twilight, hence her nickname. After Gene Starwind thwarts her efforts to kill Fred Luo, she vows to kill him, later negating these efforts and joining the Outlaw Star crew instead.
Suzuka drinks a lot of tea.
by SovietViking January 18, 2004
South African country, formerly ruled by the Portuguese. Their flag is a neat tweak on the hammer and sickle.
Angola's flag rules.
by SovietViking January 18, 2004
Pirate from the anime Outlaw Star. It was her who originally stole Melfina from a rival band of pirates and gave Gene the ship that would later become the Outlaw Star.
Hild has cybernetic enhancements.
by SovietViking January 18, 2004
Some Gigantic black hole out in the middle of nowhere in the United States that sucks the soul and life out of everything that gets too close.
He got too cloe to Wyoming, the idiot!
by SovietViking January 18, 2004

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