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a person who has been taking amphetamine to long, resulting in a rough and toothless appearance
1st man: whats up with him?

2nd man: hes been on 7 grams a day for 10 years, hes got a proper base-face innit!
by southwalessniper December 14, 2009
an alternative word to sex
1st man: whats all the bangin coming from upstairs?

2nd man: its peter and john their naked bed wrestling the dirty bumlovers!
by southwalessniper December 26, 2009
a person who is paranoid about developing a phobia of paranoia.
1st man: whats up with him?

2nd man: hes a paraphobeanoid!
by southwalessniper November 24, 2009
welsh derogatory term for a persons mother meant as an insult which usually follows a question.
1st man: wosapnin bruv

2nd man: your muvva, thats wosapnin innit bruv!
by southwalessniper November 24, 2009
Slap and Thud in one word, the sound a .22 air rifle pellet makes when it hits a pidgeon.
man A: I went hunting today.
man B: You catch anything?
man A: Yeah, i hit a wood pidgeon right in the boiler room, you shouldve heard the SLUD!
by southwalessniper July 10, 2012
an idiot
"you see that guy cross the motorway without looking?"

"what a bertie bellend"
by southwalessniper July 04, 2012
A cross between a remedial and a neck-ed.
1st man: look at that neck-ed tryin to get in the boot of his car!

2nd man: what a remneck!
by southwalessniper December 25, 2009

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