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ADJECTIVE: This word describes a lowlife, non-bill paying possibly crack or heroin addicted being. It is a word largely used by all New York City members of public service when refering to a perp or dirtbag.
1. Put gloves on, that guys a skell.
2. You can get heppatitis just by LOOKING at that skell.
3. Stop skelling out, that job is in your area.(E.M.S. related).
#crackhead #dope fiend #ghetto rat #hoochie mamma #rochie ass bitch.
by southbronxems January 05, 2007
hot dog, typically sold in new york city, boiled in the same water for days, cooked with amebias from the hands of immigrants.
i would like one dirty water dog with everything osama.
#skell #crackhead #roach coach #spoogy #dirtbag
by southbronxems January 07, 2007
When a ghetto dweller or skell vomits, usually secondary to drinking cobra or cisco when you know you have an ulcer.
Yo, 911? Yea, I caught a seizure, then I fell out, when I woke up I started vomiking. I needs me a amboooolance!
#vomit #wretch #vomick #spit up #skell.
by southbronxems January 23, 2007
a date that lasts longer than normal, maybe 2 or 3 days... Usually involving a lot of long lasting tantra sex.
Yo John, what time did you drop off Jane after your date?

"Nah, man. I didn't drop her off. She stayed for 3 days we were marathon dating!"
#skell #roach coach #vomik #ghetto #crack head
by southbronxems August 04, 2007
This word describes the wannabe guido club type. This person might possibly have a butterfly collar as well. It might also describe a person with a "blown" hair doo. Most of these people would be considered metrosexuals. See metrosexual for further information.
1. What a stupid haircut, he is so spoogy.
2. Stop being spoogy, just be yourself.
3. Are you wearing your little sisters shirt you spooge?
#spooge #spoogy #metrosexual #club queen #guido
by southbronxems January 06, 2007
the coffee truck that arrives on the job site with cold coffee, stale rolls, and spoiled milk. sometimes if your lucky, you can meet the entire insect family on this truck.
what do you want from the roach coach? yo, let me get a buttered roll, coffee, cream, no sugar, and the baby roack sandwich.
#skell #skell mobile #crackhead #dirty water dog #dope fiend
by southbronxems January 07, 2007
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