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Comes from the word 'evangelism', which means spreading the good news about jesus christ.

So inturn evangelical is living your life in the way that god wants you to, so that others may see you and see how god has worked in your life. It is not a way of forcing a religion on someone.

It can also mean to speak to people about jesus.
"To believe in jesus christ is a choice and it can not be forced on anyone."

Don't try and force god on someone, pray, let god sow the seeds and just be a mate!
by soulio July 15, 2005
Church accaully means a group of people that follow god.

Jesus never mentioned the church as a building in the bible.
"Man I love the church, they've helped me out heaps!"

"Yeah, the church is helping out the homeless people this week"
by soulio July 15, 2005
Rock music that are writen for and about jesus christ(or god in general), also something different to praise god by instead of the ussual hyms!!!!
"ONE WAY JESUS" Hillsong Australia is an example of christian rock!!!!
by soulio July 01, 2005
As the way I see it, in the christian faith.

It is when you give it all up to god, all troubles, all worries, everything and then rely fully on god to provide.

Also beliving in something that is unseen!
Have faith in christ and you will be saved!
by soulio July 03, 2005

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